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Swig is broken in Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial)

If you’re building a swig Python module and encounter errors like:

where Foobar is some class that is being wrapped, then you are encountering a swig-3.08 bug.  Unfortunately this is still the official package in Ubuntu 16.04.  You can … Continue reading

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Building jEdit from scratch

I’ve been using jEdit for decades as it provides a nice text editor with similar feature set as something I used at Raytheon called SlickEdit: easily records a macro of all actions in the editor easily playback the recorded macro … Continue reading

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P5js player widget in pure javascript

Okay, so I got really excited about p5js, checkout their examples page.  But I struggled a little bit to include a sketch on my wordpress blog, the canvas was showing up at the bottom of the website as I discussed … Continue reading

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Embedding p5.js processing sketches in WordPress posts

Yesterday I discovered the p5.js project by watching this video series.  I got excited and wrote my first sketch “bouncing points,” a classic that I once wrote as a java applet back in the 1990’s.  Very simple to do with p5.js.  I look … Continue reading

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Nsound rewrite 2016

The Nsound code base is old, (10 years! I can hardly believe that).  Obviously I’m a much better developer today (:P), and there’s lots of things that need cleaning.  Maintenance is becoming a burden, the build process is complex, it’s … Continue reading

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Nsound broken on Ubuntu 16

I’m sad to report that nsound is broken by default on Ubuntu 16 until I get time to fix it.  The main issue is that the default swig package is swig3.0, for some reason this breaks most things in the … Continue reading

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Stay GUI neutral with mplapp and Matplotlib

I’ve just released a package of widgets implmented with Matplotlib, this allows you to create simple interactive applications without having to write specific GTK, TK, QT code.  It provides simple layout with horizontal and vertical boxes, just stuff widgets in them … Continue reading

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Python pith

I just wrote a little tool to help with your Python development called pith.

Checkout the release.

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Ranking Photos With Python

Photo Ranking With Python What is this? This is a tool that uses the Elo Ranking System written in Python using: Matplotlib Numpy exifread Features: Auto image rotation that the camera recored in the EXIF meta data Persistent state from … Continue reading

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Listening to Gravity Waves with Nsound!

Gravity Wave Signal Processing With all the excitement about LIGO and gravity waves, I’ve downloaded the raw GW150914 detection data for from here.  The file I downloaded was 32 seconds sampled at 4096 samples per second. Next I reviewed some of … Continue reading

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