Nsound rewrite 2016

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The Nsound code base is old, (10 years! I can hardly believe that). ¬†Obviously I’m a much better developer today (:P), and there’s lots of things that need cleaning. ¬†Maintenance is becoming a burden, the build process is complex, it’s difficult to debug.

So I am about to start to rewrite all of nsound, here are some of the directions I want to go:

  • C++14
  • float32 only (float64 is overkill, perhaps Buffer<T>?)
  • header only (avoid the need for .so or .dll)
  • serialize with JSON
  • switch to Boost.Python (dump swig)
  • create generic filter kernel objects
    • separate kernel design from filter objects
  • generic functions on std::vector or std::array
    • provide scipy-like signals¬†module suite
  • combine AudioStream and Buffer into one object, no need to maintain both
  • Boost unit tests from the beginning
  • rewrite all the SCons files to keep it simple stupid!
    • move scons utilities & tests into proper tools (and share with the rest of the world!)

You can help out too! Working on open source is a great way to strengthen your skills!

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