Building jEdit from scratch

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I’ve been using jEdit for decades as it provides a nice text editor with similar feature set as something I used at Raytheon called SlickEdit:

  • easily records a macro of all actions in the editor
  • easily playback the recorded macro
  • save the macro and map to keyboard shortcut
  • vertical selection

But lately some of my favorite plugins have stop working due to an old plugin that hasn’t been recompiled.  So I’ll try to document the process of checking out the jEdit code to recompile it from scratch and recompile the plugins I depend on.

If I have time, I might make a Docker image to do this so it’s easily repeatable for others too.

Getting the jEdit code

To checkout the jEdit code do:

Building jEdit

Now that we have the latest trunk code do:

Oops, I guess I need a java compiler.  I tried to install openjdk-9-jdk but got an error.  Stackoverflow suggested the command below.

This problem turned out to be a bug in apache ant 1.9.6.

Upgrading Apache Ant on Ubuntu 16.04

I couldn’t find an existing .deb package so I installed the binary from I used the following recipe:

Now jedit builds!


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