Embedding p5.js processing sketches in WordPress posts

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Yesterday I discovered the p5.js project by watching this video series.  I got excited and wrote my first sketch “bouncing points,” a classic that I once wrote as a java applet back in the 1990’s.  Very simple to do with p5.js.  I look forward to writing more experiments!

ERROR: Your browser doesn’t support the object tag!

javascript works fine in WordPress, one just switches to text mode while editing the post and paste in <script> tags and it works fine.  p5.js will even render the canvas correctly.  I did run into a problem though, the p5.js canvas element gets inserted at the bottom left of the page, below all the WordPress content:

As you can see, you might not notice that it’s working unless you scroll all the way down the page!

The solution: object tag

I found a workaround, I uploaded the p5.js code to my website, then in the WordPress post, I use an object tag to embed it into the post:

You have to size the object tag large enough for the created canvas to show up without scrollbars but it looks good on my PC.

Look, I can even insert a 2nd canvas!
ERROR: Your browser doesn’t support the object tag!

It also looks to be running fine on my Android phone! Success!

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10 Responses to Embedding p5.js processing sketches in WordPress posts

  1. Nick says:

    Did I just login with google to post a comment?

  2. Nick says:

    Looks like it’s working! I’m using the Super Socializer plugin.

  3. Nick says:

    Did I just comment from Facebook?

  4. Nick says:

    Works from my phone too!

  5. Terri says:

    This is a comment from my PC.

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  7. nexusbug says:

    Hello, I have a newbie question related this topic.

    I am trying to show my sketches embedded in my blog posts using .

    WordPress is installed in the root directory and I don’t want to move it to a subdirectory. However, wordpress sees the other non-wordpress directories which has my sketches uploaded and therefore I can not access the html file of the sketch when I type the URL as in your example. Here is the URL example im talking about: http://weegreenblobbie.com/p5js/001_bouncing_points/

    I am very new to these but with some search, I tried modifying .htaccess file. Tried RewriteEngine Off, Rewritecond, RewriteBase methods. Nothing worked. Only it went from a wordpress page showing ‘content not found’ to a page that gives 404 error without wordpress template. Somehow the URL doesn’t see the index.html file in that directory.

    I also tried uploading the html and sketch file to Github and get the reference from there, I could not make it work neither.

    Can you help me please??

    • nexusbug says:

      Sorry, here is the part that got deleted by mistake: “I am trying to show my sketches embedded in my blog posts using iframe or object data as your example here.”

      • Nick says:

        Make sure your directory has the correct permissions. For example, you should be able to view your sketch independent of WordPress, like my 001_bouncing_points, it’s viewable outside of WordPress. Once you have that working, then embedding it should be easy. Hope that’s helpful.

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