Gravity Freakin’ Waves!

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How lucky we are to live in this time, the first moment in human history, when we detected gravity waves!  It was only 4 years ago in 2012 when the Higg Boson was discovered at the LHC, 2 years ago we landed on a comet, 1 year ago we flew past Pluto. Today, we detected gravity waves!

This will open up a whole new era of astronomy, potentially detecting gravity waves across our universe, unobstructed by gas and dust. We could potentially even get hints about the big bang that are older than the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the oldest light in the universe.  Gravity waves could also provide new clues and limits for the quantum theory of gravity, perhaps leading us to the theory of everything!

Way to go LIGO and everyone who worked on this achievement!

Science wins!

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