Nsound 1.0 Roadmap

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I’ve been thinking about what would it take for a Nsound 1.0 release.  Below is a working outline of the things I’d like to have in 1.0:

  • Low Latency Real-Time Audio on Mac, Windows, and Linux
    • Already have low latency with portaudio + jack on Linux
    • Using jack through portaudio doesn’t work easily on Mac & Windows
    • So probabbly need to compile and link agains JACK directly
  • Tools for working in the frequency domain
    • I already have a firt cut at a spectrogram class
    • Need ways to easily manipulate frequency domain data
    • Then easily transform back to the time domain
  • Add some classic filters with reonance control (#63)
  • Add dynamic delay lines
  • Refactor the codebase to use C++11 and functions_with_underscores()

Do you want to join the project?  Send me an email.

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